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You are constructing your own reality with the choices you make...or don't make. If you really want a healthy pregnancy and joyful birth, and you truly understand that you are the one in control, then you must examine what you have or haven't done so far to create the outcome you want.
-Kim Wildner-Mother's Intention: How Belief Shapes Birth

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Educate Before You Vaccinate!!

Now just to state, I'm not totally anti-vaccinations, but seriously, parents just nod and do what doctors tell them. Its really sad to see so many parents not educating themselves to give their kids the best possible start in life.. And I'm not saying that parents who choose to vaccinate aren't doing what they think is best, I'm saying that people don't learn more BEFORE making choices.. Homework is the best way to learn.. ;)

1) If vaccinations are so effective, why have there been hundreds of documented outbreaks and epidemics in populations either fully immunized or exceeding herd immunity standards? Including 4,200 cases of measles in fully immunized (state mandated and enforced) Texas schools?

2) If vaccinations are so safe, why do 6,000 infants a year die from vaccine reactions?

3) If systemic (injected) vaccinations work so well at preventing disease, why is modern science scrambling for a mucosal (oral or nasal) alternative? Could it possibly be because the mucosal system is necessary to confer humoral memory immunity?

4) Why was it that the Hepatitis A vaccine brought about a 26% increase in the disease in the US the year after it was added to the childhood immunization schedule and universally implemented?

5) Why is that when we had a flu vaccine shortage in 2004 (we had less than half the normal amount available due to contaminated batches) that there was not a massive increase in influenza deaths? Why was it, in point of fact, that there was actually a 30% DECREASE in influenza deaths that year?

6) Why do we recommend a vaccination for which children have virtually no likelihood of contracting it's assigned disease unless their pregnant mother had it (Hepatitis B)?

7) Why would our government allow the second most toxic substance on earth (mercury) to be put into vaccinations? And why is it still in the Hepatitis B and Influenza vaccines as of 2009 when it was supposed to be "banned" in 1999, ten years ago? Mercury is linked a humongous number of neurological disorders, although autism which is the only "unproven" one gets the media attention (go figure).

8) Why did the US government reclassify the name of Poliomyelitis as viral or aseptic meningitis or coxsackie virus the year after the vaccine was introduced?

9) Why is the ACIP (advisory committee for immunization practices), who are responsible for approving new vaccinations and adding them to the immunization schedule in the US, approving vaccinations in which: the safety trials never tested children of the appropriate age that are actually given the vaccine (hepatitis b), only tested 31 trial participants who were only observed for adverse reactions for 3 days later (influenza), did not conduct placebo controlled safety trials (nearly all of them), had an exorbitant amount of deaths during the safety trial (rotavirus), etcetera?

10) Why does the US recommend around 20 doses more (18 to be exact) from birth through five than the World Health Organizations top 30 countries for birth through five mortality in the world? Compare to any other well developed nation even and we recommend between 17-25 more doses just in this age range, guaranteed. Since we place 34th in the world for birth through five mortality, it's not exactly putting us ahead of other nations in terms of saving our children's lives.

Pro vaccine individuals think that anti vaccine people are some sort of wacko conspiracy theorists. The truth is we're knowledgeable and informed parents who don't just blankly nod our heads to every word our doctor (who is NOT God), says. If you are pro vaccination, think about these questions, allow yourself to absorb a concept you may consider to be unusual or even straight up crazy. If you know the answers and can prove me wrong using actual fact and data ("scientific consensus disagrees with you", or parroting doctors and the FDA or CDC's opinion based statements does not count), I'm always open to new information!

(Shared information from a fellow Doula!)

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